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Beast Mode Diet Plan
Eat well to train hard
Beast Mode Diet

Sample Diet Plan
Healthy weight management
Sample Diet Plan

Hot Lemon Water
For health and weight loss


Most women don't want large bulky muscles. Did you know that strength training not only sculpts your shape but causes your muscles to burn more fat?

There are many health benefits to lifting weights for women, and they WON'T make you look like a man.

10 Reasons to Lift Weights
Healthy recipes - yummy oatmeal


This is my go to morning meal.

Rich in antioxidants, omega oils and flavor, it's like eating dessert for breakfast but it's SO healthy!!!


How much water should you drink?

Every cell, tissue and organ in the human body requires water in order to function properly.

The amount of water that you require daily depends upon your weight, level of physical activity and environmental conditions.

Drinking water and health

Get a jump start on a healthy New Year with these ideas from Vega!

Not only can you make 2015 a stellar New Year, but you'll be primed to support your good health with these great tips!

More about Your Healthy New Year with Vega


Green tea contains amazing antioxidant qualities to fight free radicals and the effects of our harmful environment.

Not only does green tea possess phytonutrients that help prevent damage to cells throughout our bodies, but it can be used throughout your day as a soothing, healthy and relaxing beverage.

More About Green Tea

Wonders of Green Tea
Yoga for fitness

Well Daisy is a collection of the best and latest health, fitness and beauty resources to take your workout and physique to the next level.

Tips and tricks collected from top Hollywood professionals to help you eat, train and look like the stars.

More About Well Daisy

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Hollywood Beauty Tips

Alisa Hensley Stuntwoman

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