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My name is Alisa Hensley and I have been a professional stuntwoman for over 15 years.

Alisa Hensley stuntwoman workout As a stuntwoman it is my job to stay in the best physical shape possible at all times. Over the course of my career I have researched tons of nutritional, training and exercise techniques in order to find the right combination to keep my body in top form.

I have seen and tried many fad diets and exercise gimmicks along the way, but have currently reached a wonderful balance of fitness and health practices that truly work for me. Now, after 15 years of bumps, bruises and hitting the ground as well as two pregnancies, I consider myself to be in the best shape of my life!

My wish is to take the information I have gathered in my lifetime and all of the health and beauty secrets I have garnered from top Hollywood professionals and to share them all with other women.

I believe that we can each find our own unique balance of physical and emotional well-being and with the right motivation and self-care we can all be in the best possible shape at any age.

I hope you enjoy the website,

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