Women's diet plan for ultimate health and fitness

Sample Diet Plan


Every body is different. I think each of us has our own unique blend of food sensitivities and metabolic needs.

The following plan is what I have discovered works to keep my body healthy, lean and strong.

You may find that a slightly different ratio of carbohydrate to protein keeps your body happy. I think the fun is in experimenting and finding out what really works for you.

As long as you are primarily consuming whole, natural and unprocessed foods you will be on the right track to becoming a highly functioning and healthy machine.

(For 130lb active woman)

Day One
3/4 cup oatmeal
Egg white omelette
Assorted fruit
Green tea
Piece of fruit
1/4 cup nuts/seeds
Chicken breast
on whole grain
Green salad w/veggies
Olive oil dressing
Protein shake Grilled Fish Filet
Brown rice
Steamed vegetables
Day Two
Egg white omelette
with spinach and chicken
Ezekial bread w/almond
Organic yogurt
with fresh fruit
Tuna salad on greens
Protein bar Organic turkey burger
On whole grain
Baked sweet potato fries
Day Three
Low sodium
turkey bacon
Organic yogurt
One boiled egg white
Mixed nut granola with berries
Double chicken breast salad
Whole grain bread
Protein shake Roasted turkey breast
Carrots & green beans
Brown rice/pasta
The above is an example of a diet that I would follow for three days, repeat in any order, and allow a reasonable cheat day on day seven.

Drinking a minimum of eight full glasses of water daily will aid in digestion and help cleanse your system. Starting the day with two glasses upon waking will also give your digestive tract a kick start for the day.

At 130lbs, the adequate caloric intake for an active woman is roughly 1800Kcal for maintenence or 1500Kcal for weight loss.

This number can increase if you are performing at an extremely active level or if you are trying to gain muscle mass.

   Protein should comprise roughly 20% of caloric intake.

At an 1800Kcal maintenance level this would mean 360Kcal from clean lean proteins like chicken, turkey, eggs or vegetarian protein sources. Roughly one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. So at 130lbs = 130grams of protein.

Protein is an essential part of the diet. It is the primary nutrient that keeps our skin and hair shiny and our nails and bones healthy and strong. Every cell in your body has protein in it and this protein constantly needs to be replenished. Proteins are made up of building blocks called amino acids. These amino acids are responsible for the growth, maintenance and repair of cells in the body. Protein is especially vital when building muscle or recovering from illness or injury.

   Complex carbohydrates should comprise roughly 60% of the daily caloric intake.

Again at the 1800Kcal level this would mean 360 Kcal from complex carbohydrate sources like whole grains, wild brown rice, vegetables and pasta.

Carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for the human body. The best sources of carbohydrates are "complex carbs" - whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans.

These carbohydrates promote good health by delivering vitamins, minerals, fiber, and many nutrients. Avoid refined carbohydrates from processed grains - white bread and white rice as well as pastries, sugared sodas and other processed foods. These may contribute to weight gain and eventually lead to diabetes or heart disease.

   Fats - unsaturated fats should make up the remaining 20% of calorie intake.

At an 1800Kcal maintenance level this would mean 360Kcal from healthy fats found in nuts, seeds, fish and various vegetables.

Fats are a necessary part of the diet to maintain healthy skin and hair, to promote healthy cell function and to insulate the body's organs.

Certain vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K can only be metabolized in conjunction with fat.

The most healthy types of fat are mono and polyunsaturated fats from sources like seeds, nuts, vegetables and fish.

Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 fats help to protect against heart disease, some types of cancer and are important for brain function.

As you think, so shall you become.

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