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Your gym can be everywhere.

I've spent countless hours grinding away on cardio equipment and pushing weights around to create the body I want.

Gym workouts After years of being less than enthusiastic about trips to the gym, I've devised various ways to keep my own training interesting.

The secret: variety IS the spice of life.  There are tons of choices out there as far as types of exercises, training programs, classes and hobbies.  I say take advantage of them all!

The human body is an amazing thing and will adapt to whatever you put it through.

Fitness Workouts by Alisa Long distance runners become lithe and lean, their muscle fibers and respiratory system adapting in ways to acquire more stamina.

Sprinters sprout thick muscles full of fast twitch fibers capable of quick contractions and explosive movement.

Whatever you consistently do to your body it will respond by adapting. Amazing.
Jogging for Health and Fitness

Keep trying new things until you find what makes your body happy. It may be three different types of exercise, or five, but the fun is in discovering what your own unique balance is.

Most fitness programs include some form of cardio training as well as resistance (weight bearing) training.

As a woman it is especially important to include both as the resistance training helps strengthen bones and protects against osteoporosis and brittle bones later in life.

Building muscle is also a key factor in maintaining a healthy metabolism.

The best way to stay lean is by building muscle.  Muscle burns fat.

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