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NUTRITION --- NOT a "Diet"

I struggled for years with drastic diets to stay thin and lean.

But no matter what I did, when I went back to eating like a normal human being the weight went back on.

The enemy I continued to struggle with the "yo-yo diet" phenomenon, starvation and fatigue as well as a lot of frustration and general unhappiness with my body.   I was always either on a diet or unhappy with the way I looked no matter how hard I worked out!

Then, something happened, I got pregnant.

Everything changed. This was NOT a time to worry about losing weight. My priorities suddenly shifted to making the little person inside of me as healthy as possible.

From everything I read, I knew that the best thing for my child was to eat whole, nutritious foods and to avoid anything artificial like sweeteners, processed foods and "nonfat" modified foods.

Instead of dieting, for a change I made it my mission to eat nutritious foods for someone else.

I decided not to drink soda or diet soda, not to use artificial sweeteners or consume anything that wasn't, as I call it, "real food" and, I made an effort to buy organic whenever possible. Healthy eating tips

Now, this isn't to say that I abandoned the occasional ice-cream splurge or chocolate chip cookies all together but for the most part, I'd say 90% of the time for nine-months, I ate solid nutritious foods and drank only water, green tea and natural juices.

I gave birth to a healthy baby, and my eating habits transitioned into more of a lifestyle. I continued to follow these healthy nutritional choices and guess what? The baby weight came off naturally (with lots of hard work at the gym, of course).

When my second pregnancy came and went (he was 10 1/2 pounds by the way) the same thing happened. I worked hard at the gym and months after my second child it seemed that I was in better shape than before I had ever been pregnant.
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After all the years of sweating, starving, nibbling artificial, low-fat, non-fat, sugar-free foods, in the end, it was the simple switch to whole, natural and organic food that made the difference in my physique and overall health.

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