Health and benefits of hot lemon tea

Benefits of Hot Lemon Water

Hot Lemon Water

Hot lemon water and your health Many health enthusiasts have hopped on the lemon water trend because of its detoxification and weight loss benefits.

Lemon water is often consumed first thing in the morning before breakfast, but can actually be used any time of day as a pick me up.

It's a quick and easy way to benefit your health in numerous areas.

Drinking warm lemon water is said to:
  • Help production of digestive juices and actually lessen bloating, gas and heartburn.
  • Promote the production of digestive enzymes in the liver.
  • Aid in detoxification by increasing bile flow.
  • Help to remove fat soluble toxins by emulsifying them.
  • Help nourish brain tissue with its potassium content.
  • Help balance the ph level of the body.
  • Help protect the body against immune deficiencies with vitamin C.
  • Help reduce uric acid in the joints, reducing inflammation.
  • Aid in wound healing and healthy skin with plentiful vitamin C.
  • Help with weight loss by stimulating the digestive system and quelling hunger.

    Here's how to do it...

    1. Warm a cup of purified water to a drinkable (not boiling hot) temperature.
    2. Squeeze 1/2 fresh (organic if possible) lemon straight into the cup.
    3. Drink it.

    See? Easy...

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