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Murad skin care My Personal Favorite for Skin: Murad

Over the years I have been introduced to numerous skin care products and product lines all claiming to cleanse and nourish my skin, fight the signs of aging and clear my breakouts.

I'm not at all saying that other products don't work, but my all time favorite right now is Murad.

They have complete product lines for every possible skin type and they approach their skin care treatment from a health and wellness perspective. Murad's products are endorsed by dermatologists and aestheticians world wide.

The reason I like their products so much is that there is literally a noticeable difference when I use them. The regenerist line is what I personally use on a daily basis and I have had comments from friends and family that my skin looks "glowing" or "dewy and soft" when I am regularly using it morning and night. If I switch temporarily to another product, even for a couple of days there is a noticeable difference in the amount of moisture that my skin carries.

The other aspect that I love about Murad is that I am lucky enough to fall into the skin category of having to fight wrinkles and breakouts at the same time.

Murad has some really great acne-specific products that not only work to clear my skin, but also manage not to over dry the rest of my face that needs moisture.

Overall I would definitely recommend Murad's product lines to anyone who wants to have clear, supple and glowing skin.

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