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Six Pack Abs

How to Get Six Pack Abs - Women

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Much has been written on the subject of acquiring six pack abs. It seems to be the ultimate goal for many, and a pretty good indicator of peak fitness.

As a woman this is an extra challenge because, sorry to say it girls, but we do naturally carry a higher percentage of body fat compared to our male counterparts.

Six pack abs are after all an exhibition of extremely low body fat. The underlying muscularity has to be present for definition, but the primary cause of great abs is a LACK OF FAT.

The uphill battle of the tummy bulge in my opinion has three equally important aspects:

You can train all you want and cardio all you want but if you eat too much your abs will never show!

Try starting with a diet of whole unprocessed foods and drinking only water when you are thirsty. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and clean natural sources of protein should be the majority of what you eat every day. There are tons of resources out there for losing weight, but as a general rule don't count on your hard work at the gym allowing you to eat whatever you want, you have to watch what you eat.

So next time you're staring at a jelly doughnut ask yourself this, "Will that taste as good as a six pack feels?"

Yeah, I thought not.

Not only is cardiovascular exercise good for your heart, your health and your skin, it's imperative for weight loss and fat loss.

Running, biking, swimming, or whatever way you do it, cardio gets your heart pumping and in turn not only raises your metabolism in the moment but for hours afterwards. If you spend more calories than you take in, it's simple math, you will lose weight.

3. Core Conditioning Exercises
In order for your stomach muscles to appear toned and fit, you have to use them.

I'm not saying you have to strap on heavy weights and do low repetitions (this will actually cause a bulky looking midsection) but using proper technique and attacking various angles of the abdominal wall will create fullness and separation.

Start with basic exercises like crunches and planks at a minimum of 20 reps for each set. As your core gets stronger you can add in variations to hit different areas (for example: twisting crunches and side lying planks for the obliques)

Keep track of your progress and if your core conditioning is on track but you still don't see your six pack, you probably need to revisit your diet and cardio programs.

Keep working hard on these three aspects of your fitness routine and eventually it should pay off in awesome abs.

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