Women - lifting weights - training and diet

Women and Weight Lifting

10 Reasons You Should Lift Weights

The majority of women just don't train with weights. A common concern among women is that lifting weights creates large and bulky muscles. Most of the women I interact with say that they strive for a long, lean and sculpted frame.

Well guess what?

Lifting weights and getting stronger makes your muscles harder, more shapely and did you know that just by having more muscle you will burn more fat??

Here are ten great reasons to start lifting weights if you don't already...
1. Resistance training actually burns more calories than cardio training. More calories out = more fat loss.

2. Weight training helps keep your bones strong. There is less incidence of osteoporosis later in life when women include weights in their exercise regimen.

3. Muscles make curves. If you lose muscle and fat while dieting, you will end up looking flat. Muscles create hourglass figures, great shoulders and bodacious booties.

4. Muscles actually burn more calories. Just by existing muscles boost your metabolism and keep you lean.

5. Weight training reduces stress. Exercise in general is a great mood booster but specifically lifting weights can actually help cognitive function and memory.

6. Strength training increases testosterone, which is responsible for an increased sex drive in women.

7. Training with weights helps curb appetite by lowering levels of the hunger triggering hormone, ghrelin.

8. Strength training can boost your good cholesterol (HDL) and help fight off bad cholesterol (LDL).

9. Sleep. With the right amount of weight training and cardio you will sleep more soundly at night.

10. You will look awesome and feel great about yourself! There is nothing more empowering than setting goals and accomplishing them.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and lift!

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