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Yoga practice connects the the mind, the body, and the spirit. It helps you become more aware of your body's alignment, posture and movements. Making your body more flexible and helping you to relax, yoga is a wonderful tool to manage stress in a hectic world.Yoga Side Angle Pose

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Research shows that there are many true health benefits of practicing Yoga postures, breathing and meditation.

Starting out your day with Yoga practice is an excellent way to wake up your body and mind and to prepare yourself for the day ahead. It only takes a few minutes in a quiet environment to get a quick Yoga recharge and center yourself.

Benefits of regular yoga practice include:

Water carries nutrients  Decreased pulse rate
Water carries nutrients  Blood pressure decreases
Water carries nutrients  Increased Musculoskeletal flexibility
Water carries nutrients  joint range of motion increases
Water carries nutrients  Joint range of motion increases
Water carries nutrients  Decreased respiratory rate
Water carries nutrients  Grip strength increases
Water carries nutrients  Eye-hand coordination improves
Water carries nutrients  Improved dexterity
Water carries nutrients  Improved posture
Water carries nutrients  Endurance increases
Water carries nutrients  Energy level increases
Water carries nutrients  Weight normalizes
Water carries nutrients  Improved sleep
Water carries nutrients  Increased Immunity
Water carries nutrients  Decreased anxiety and depression
Water carries nutrients  Concentration improves
Water carries nutrients  Self-acceptance increase
Water carries nutrients  Attention improves
Water carries nutrients  Concentration improves
Water carries nutrients  Memory improves
Water carries nutrients  Learning efficiency improves
Water carries nutrients  Total cholesterol decreases
Water carries nutrients  Cardiovascular efficiency increases
Water carries nutrients  Respiratory efficiency increases
Water carries nutrients  Digestive function normalizes
Water carries nutrients  Endocrine function normalizes
Water carries nutrients  Decreased pain
Water carries nutrients  Improved depth perception
Water carries nutrients  Improved balance

If you are a beginner or have never practiced Yoga, you could start by choosing just one posture a day to center yourself and begin your day by connecting your body, mind and spirit.
Downward Dog Downward dog

Upward facing dog - Yoga position Upward facing dog

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